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How It Works (Methodology)

Determining a company’s worth and understanding how to value a business is an important factor when planning your 'exit strategy'. It’s also important when setting a price for selling or buying a business. If you understand the factors that affect how to value a business, such as decentralization of the owner, there’s no time like the present to ensure a fair business appraisal.

Once you have made the decision to sell your business, setting a list price too high may scare away buyers, making it difficult to sell. On the other hand, setting a price too low may be cheating you out of your company’s worth and hard-earned dollars. Business Valuations takes the mystery out of valuing a company by guiding you through the business appraisal process.

There are many different ways of valuing a company. When determining how to value a business, choosing the right valuation methods can be a determinant on how successful your business appraisal is. For the best results possible, our business valuation calculator uses cash flow valuation methods, often referred to as return on investment. This is the most common method of valuing a company that is predominantly used by business owners and advisors. Cash flow valuation methods are also among the easiest kind of business appraisal for owners to understand.

In order to ensure you understand the company valuation methods used, our business valuation calculator is designed to walk you through the steps of valuing a company . By explaining the factors that affect valuing a company, we know how to accurately calculate business value for owners. This business valuation calculator also uses different business types, such as a car wash, convenience store, florist, golf course etc. to determine the true value of your business.

The business valuation calculator will give you an invaluable foundation of knowledge to valuing a company. An estimated value that you should pay for a business will be generated as well. Once you have completed our business valuation calculator, you will be armed with the necessary information to help plan a strategy to buying or selling a business. Now you can achieve the freedom to pursue your dreams - all it takes is knowing how to value a business to maximize your company’s worth.