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About Us

Business-Valuations.biz was founded by Randy Koroluk, also President and Founder of The Venture Exchange Ltd., a prominent Business Brokerage in Canada.

During the formative years of The Venture Exchange, Randy found that business owners or buyers could not accurately understand how to value a business.  Owners would set a list price for a business that was too high, or too low, ultimately causing either a loss in profits from the sale of their business, or the inability to sell their business at all. Potential buyers would walk away from good businesses, not knowing their value.

In the past, setting a reasonably accurate value on a business often required extensive research on how a particular industry was basically valued. Over time, a repository of this research was developed that provided a basis for understanding business valuation calculation.  Unfortunately, preparing the reports and explaining the philosophy to business owners was usually a long process.

It is at this time that Randy decided automating this business valuation formula was the most logical step.  After months of development in 1998,  Randy had a business valuation tool built, and has since used it as important tool to value a business and teach the valuation process.  As knowledge of the 'Business Valuation Calculator' spread through the area, many advisors, other brokerages, and especially business owners were requesting access to this company valuation software in order to make more easy business valuation calculations.

With this proven tool in hand, Business-Valuations.biz. was founded in 2003 by Randy to provide easy and low cost access worldwide to this reliable company valuation software. Today, the Business Valuation Calculator is an integral tool for hundreds of business owners and advisors, including accountants, bankers, real estate professionals, and attorneys, when wanting to make an easy business valuation calculation.

Most importantly, Business-Valuations.biz. has provided the average business owner or buyer with the ability to to value a business, without commitment or significant cost. This cost-effective company valuation software has allowed our users to buy or sell their business at a fair price. This approach provides the business owner with the peace of mind that they have realized the maximum out of their investment - and a business buyer with the 'second opinion' that the price he/she is considering is not too high.

Quality Guarantee

We are confident that our calculator will provide you a reasonable estimate of business value. It has been developed by business brokerage professionals that have used it to value hundreds of small businesses.

If you are not satisfied with the results generated, we will provide a full refund after receiving confirmation from your accounting or professional advisor that the value generated is not reasonable. Please feel free to email us using the feedback form for more information.